Leak detection system for liquid, gas and multiproduct pipelines

  • E-RTTM (Extended Real Time Transient Model) based leak detection and localisation
  • Highly accurate and extremely reliable leak information
  • Meets API 1130 and TRFL standards
  • Completely independent solution or integrated into existing instrumentation and control systems
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PipePatrol is a leading edge system for pipeline leak detection and localisation in pipelines. It is the most sensitive internal leak detection system (LDS) available, providing accurate leak information for a high degree of safety. PipePatrol combines the Real Time Transient Model (RTTM) with a patented Leak Pattern Recognition module to create an Extended Real Time Transient Model (E-RTTM). Its multi method leak detection enables oil and gas pipeline management under both steady and transient pipeline conditions. This way, the LDS is able to reliably distinguish between real leaks and imbalance deviations caused by linefill changes or separation units.

PipePatrol meets all regulatory requirements such as TRFL (Technical Rules for Pipelines in Germany) as well as international industry standards such as the API Recommended Practice 1175 (Pipeline Leak Detection – Program Management) and API 1130 (Computational Pipeline Monitoring for Liquid Pipelines). The leak detection system can be retrofitted to existing pipeline systems. It is designed to be completely redundant and accesses the data that the existing instrumentation provides. PipePatrol interfaces seamlessly with SCADA and other control systems. If required, additional flowmeters and other process instrumentation will also be supplied by KROHNE.

PipePatrol not only involves the necessary hardware and modular software suite. It also comprises the whole project management from consultation to instrumentation, integration, service and support of the LDS.

Product highlights

  • The most sensitive internal leak detection system available
  • Combines several API1130 techniques into one system
  • Outstanding reliability due to "Leak Pattern Recognition"
  • Continuous and robust monitoring during all pipeline operating conditions
  • Comprehensive suite with various modules for safe and efficient pipeline management
  • Scope of features and options:
    • Detection and localisation of leaks
    • Hydraulic profiles (incl. MAOH calculations)
    • Line pack calculations
    • Product and batch tracking in multi-product applications
    • Life cycle monitoring and efficiency calculations
    • Monitoring of vapour pressure and slack line conditions along the pipeline
    • Overpressure violation along the pipeline
  • Supports a variety of protocols (incl. OPC, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus Serial, HART and Profibus
  • Standard interface to SCADA

Typical applications

  • Long crude oil pipelines from oil fields to refineries
  • Multiproduct pipelines from refineries to tank farms
  • Subsea pipelines from FPSO units and platforms
  • Non-continuously operated transport pipelines (e.g. for jet fuel)
  • Long water pipelines from desalination plants to cities
  • Very long natural gas pipelines from gas fields to refineries
  • Refined product pipelines to (petro)chemical plants
  • Supply lines for process gases

Case studies